When I was a teenager living in Honduras, my sisters, mom, and I joined the church choir. Once, I was asked to be the choir soloist. I sang in front of 2,000 people who attended Church that day. All the churches in the area, from my faith, gathered that day. I thought, “I’m only 12 years old! Why don’t they ask someone more mature than me?” I stood in front of ALL these people and I was trembling. It was a nice, yet a terrifying experience. This was a life changing event for me. My sisters and I continued singing together. This time not only songs for church, but we also started singing songs from the radio. We eventually did a talent show competition on national television with Willard Scott as the host. Even though we didn’t sing professionally, we enjoyed singing together and shared our love for music with everyone.

When my children were little I taught them dances and songs to perform for their neighbors, festivals and family reunions. It was a tradition with my sisters, “The Mayorga Sisters”, to have fun family shows. We had our children participate as well. I wanted to keep that tradition with my kids. I wanted them to feel the joy of giving their time and talents instead of trying to find a gift at the store. We spent hours preparing songs. I remember when we lived in Sandy, Utah. I put Santa hats on my kids and we went through the neighborhood asking if we could share our Christmas songs with them. Neighbors gladly accepted and we left their homes with joy. The true spirit of Christmas was felt in our hearts!

My five children are very talented and were easy to work with. They love music which made practice fun. and we had fun at the practices. Daniel taught himself to play guitar and piano, as well as Jazzy and Amber are self-taught at the piano. Claudia had a great personality and energy. I always thought she was going to be a movie star. David as you know, went on to participate in many competitions and when he was on American Idol his career took off.

Besides teaching my children and others to sing and perform, I have also continued to perform professionally for the church and community. This love of music has been such an important part of my life that I want to share it with others. I would like to dedicate this school to my children. Daniel, Claudia, Jazzy, Amber and David. This is why I have named it “Archuleta Performing Arts”. ~Lupe